Mappa luoghi da visitare

1 Pozzuoli Historical center

2 Bacoli Historical center

3 Mount of Procida

4 Solfatara

5 Monte Nuovo

6 Lake Averno

7 Cuma Forest

8 Lake Lucrino

9 Torrefumo Walk

10 Miseno Lake

11 Capo Miseno Oasis

12 Rione Terra

13 Flavian Amphitheater 

14 Temple of Serapis

15 Stadium of Antonino Pio

16 Archeological Park of Cuma

17 Casina Vanvitelliana

18 Archeological Park of Baia

19 Aragonese Castle

20 Mirabilis Pool

Campi Flegrei … in a burning land of the sea

Since Roman time and then with the Grand Tour, the Campi flegrei has seen many visitors.  Stretching from the hill of Posillipo to the promontory of Monte di Procida, the area includes Pozzuoli, Baia and Bacoli, and was an renowned holiday resort for centuries, with villas, spas, and amphitheaters.  Some have called it the Phlegraean Pompeii.
Visiting this area today, getting to know it and tasting its flavors will be an experience hard to forget.  That’s why we began our initiative to share historical, artistic, and environmental information about this land, rich as it is with evocative visions and primitive natural areas.
Archaeology, art and events; food, wine and entertainment; wellness, relaxation and the sea, are all part of the reality that will be all around you.  That and intoxicating scents and exciting sensations.
We hope this will stimulate your curiosity to visit and live with and come to love the uniqueness of this place.
The ancients gave the Phlegraean Fields a key role in their mythology: here Hercules performed his mighty deeds, Sibyl prophesied, Ulysses and Aeneas landed, and Charon shipped the souls of the dead to the underworld.